A Major Clue Reveals There Will Be A Big Time Jump On ‘Fear The Walking Dead’

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01.20.18 8 Comments


Ever since AMC announced that Lennie James’ Morgan Jones would be transitioning to from The Walking Dead to Fear the Walking Dead by the end of the season, the biggest question on the minds of The Walking Dead fans has been: Will Morgan die at the end of this season of The Walking Dead?

A recent image of the fourth season of Fear the Walking Dead seems to provide a definitive answer, but before we provide that answer, here’s the conundrum in a nutshell:

The timeline on Fear the Walking Dead is several years behind that of The Walking Dead. Therefore, there have been two main theories to explain how Morgan ends up on Fear the Walking Dead: 1) That Morgan will die at the end of this season of The Walking Dead, but Morgan’s appearance on Fear the Walking Dead would take place during those long stretches of time during the first four seasons that we didn’t see Morgan. In other words, either in between the time of the pilot and the third season episode “Clear,” or between “Clear” and when Morgan meets Eastman, the cheese maker. Or 2) that Fear the Walking Dead would time jump several years into the current The Walking Dead timeline, meaning that Morgan won’t die at the end of this season. He’ll simply leave Alexandria and eventually connect with the Fear the Walking Dead characters in Texas in the current timeline.

We can now say definitely which of those theories is correct.

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