The First ‘Ms. Marvel’ Reactions Are In, And It Sounds Like Marvel Nailed The Casting For This ‘Delight’ Of A Show

With only three weeks to go until its premiere, critics got a chance to watch the first two episodes of the upcoming Disney+ series, Ms. Marvel, and the consensus is clear: Iman Vellani crushes it as the teenage superhero. Despite early criticisms about her powers being changed from the comics, the series appears to be winning people over thanks to its charm and Vellani’s charisma in the title role.

Naturally, not much is shared in the way of plot — like who are the mysterious villains shown in the trailer — but phrases like “delight” and “fun” appear prominently in the first round of social media reactions. One critic even called the series a spiritual successor to Spider-Man: Homecoming, which is pretty high praise.

“I’ve seen the first episode of #MsMarvel and spoiler free – I love this show,” Preeti Chhibber writes. “It is everything I could have wanted. I say this a lot about our girl Kamala Khan, but I’ve literally never felt so seen. But like me… specifically. Iman Vellani is a DELIGHT. Put her in everything.”

“I adore #MsMarvel, and I will fight anyone who is mean to her,” Drew McWeeny tweeted. “The show is so good, and this is absolutely the Kamala I hoped we’d get.”

“The first two episodes of #MsMarvel are delightful and so much fun,” Arezou Amin writes. “Part superhero origin story, part young woman coming of age and into her own. The cast are wonderful, and newcomer Iman Vellani is especially charming as Kamala Khan. I cannot wait to see where this series goes!”

“So I would die to protect Kamala Khan,” Rachel Leishman tweeted.

“It may be the best MCU show since WandaVision (which is saying a lot since there has seemingly been hundreds),” Karl Delossantos writes. “Its playful energy is perfect for the title character and moves Marvel TV into exciting new directions.”

“Iman Vellani’s Kamala Khan is an instantly relatable Marvel fan girl. People are going to love her and her family! Most surprising was the tone it’s VERY stylized, upbeat, and a little dark. I’m hooked!” Cris Parker tweeted.

“Ms. Marvel is super cute,” Roxy Striar writes. “It’s definitely for a young audience. At times feels younger than the DC CW shows. ‘Never Have I Ever’ vibes. A fun introductory superhero show for kids. Iman Vellani is precious. Ready to watch her for a long time.”

You can see even more reactions below:

Ms. Marvel premieres June 8 on Disney+.