Marvel Fans Are Taking Umbrage With The Changes To Kamala’s Powers In The ‘Ms. Marvel’ Trailer

Ever since the Ms. Marvel trailer blasted online with a first look at the new Disney+ series in action, fans have been sounding off about the very noticeable change to the hero’s powers. In the comics, Kamala Khan (a.k.a. Ms. Marvel) is able to shape-shift and stretch thanks to being exposed to Terrigen mist that activated her latent Inhuman genes. Considering Marvel’s first crack at a live-action Inhumans flopped pretty badly, it’s understandable why Ms. Marvel would want to lean away from the source material. Not to mention, it saves the show from having to explain what the heck an Inhuman even is, and how they’re different from Eternals and mutants. It’d be a whole thing.

As for Kamala’s new powers, they seem to be more “cosmic” in origin and similar to Captain Marvel‘s, who Kamala idolizes in the series. As Entertainment Weekly notes, there’s also a touch of Doctor Strange in there, which is also a deviation from the comics:

Instead of stretching and shape-changing, the Ms. Marvel trailer shows Kamala manipulating energy into blasts, forcefields, and the kind of mid-air stepping stones that we’ve seen Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) use in past MCU films. There are a couple shots where energy envelops Kamala’s hands, which could give her the same kind of powerful punches she wields in the comics, but clearly it all works a bit differently.

Considering the Ms. Marvel comics were a breakout success for Marvel — which is not an easy accomplishment in a extremely crowded landscape dominated by heavy-hitters like Batman, The Avengers, etc. — it’s understandable that fans of the comics have concerns about the change to Kamala’s powers. There was a thematic resonance to her abilities in the books, and so far, fans are not seeing that come through in the trailer.

And there are also Internet theories that Kamala’s powers were changed so she wouldn’t steal Mr. Fantastic’s thunder (he stretches, too) when the Fantastic Four finally make their MCU debut.

You can see some of the reactions below:

Ms. Marvel premieres June 8 on Disney+.