Natasha Lyonne Had The Perfect Response To A Joke About ‘Russian Doll’ And 2020

Nearly two years after Russian Doll first revealed some of its hidden treasures, it’s still on people’s minds. Future seasons of the Natasha Lyonne, Groundhog Day-esque, madcap series are planned and in the works, but obviously, much of this year has gone to hell. Hopefully in 2021? We’ll see how things go, but Lyonne wasn’t thrilled at all to see a suggestion that humanity could count down on New Year’s eve, only to wake back up on January 1, 2020 immediately after midnight.

Although this was clearly a joke, Lyonne doesn’t even wanna go there. She swiftly tweeted back at Sam Greisman (who’s Sally Field’s son, as well as a writer and director) with a very succinct response: “Not cool.”

Can you blame her? I think I’d much rather be stuck in Nadia’s timeline, even though she kept on dying, alongside Charlie Barnett’s Alan, than for the world to experience 2020 all over again. And at least in Russian Doll one would receive a trippy parade at the end of the first season. As far as the future of the show goes, neither Lyonne nor fellow creators Amy Poehler and Leslye Headland have revealed too much about what will go down, other than the show will eventually end by revealing a dark and shameful secret. So… Oatmeal the Cat is really Punxsutawney Phil? Yeah, I’m going with that until someone tells me differently. Or until Season 2 drops, whichever comes first.