The First Clip From ‘Constantine’ Introduces The Petty Dabbler To The Ghost Whisperer

Last night NBC released this first trailer for DC Comics’ Constantine. We learned Constantine (Matt Ryan) would be protecting the daughter (played by Lucy Griffiths) of one of his oldest friends. The daughter has just learned how to see the supernatural world, and things in the supernatural world don’t want to be seen. At least all of them aren’t in Victorian or Edwardian clothing. Some of those ghosts in the trailer appeared to have died within the past century, so that puts this series ahead of most supernatural horror movies for not falling into that particular ghost story cliche.

But I’m digressing; let’s get to the clip. It’s directed by Neil Marshall with cinematography by Romeo Tirone, as they portray the first meeting between John Constantine and the woman he’s sent to protect from demons. He’s no Keanu, and his business cards should say “petty dabbler in” the dark arts instead of “master of”, but he’ll do.

Constantine premieres Friday nights on NBC this Fall.

Via Bleeding Cool