NBC And Vin Diesel Are Aligning Forces For The Drama Procedural ‘First Responders’

Popular actor and alleged “candy ass” Vin Diesel is looking to flex his producer muscles on the small screen and NBC is game to accommodate. Sadly, the two parties won’t be developing a XXX Jr. themed spinoff, but the project should be a comfortable fit at the procedural haven that is the Peacock Network.

Variety reports that the Diesel and NBC are developing a new drama titled First Responders. The Furious 7 star won’t be in the cast for the series (at least, not according to early word), but he will serve as an executive producer with the series serving as an offering from Diesel’s One Race Television company. Here’s how Variety sums up what the hourlong procedural currently has in store:

First Responders is described as a dynamic, high-action procedural about young veterans struggling to reintegrate into society, while heroically saving civilian lives along the way. The elite team is the best Search and Rescue operation in the country, and is run by husband-and-wife duo, Doc and Lil Pierce, whose Southern California coastal base provides a sense of community and surrogate family for their ex-military staff. While Doc and Lil can save anyone else’s life in the darkest times, they have been unable to find their own son and will stop at nothing to solve the mystery of his disappearance and bring him back home.

Sounds like it could be fun. Heroic missions carried out by former vets in Southern California? A missing son? The prospect Vin Diesel might pop by for a cameo extolling the virtues of family? We’re intrigued! And it’s the rare NBC procedural that isn’t set in Chicago, so points awarded for that.

Former NCIS writer/producer Jesse Stern (who also has credits like Titanfall on his rèsumé) has been tapped to pen the script and San Andreas helmer Brad Peyton will direct, as well as executive produce.

Any feelings on this Vin Diesel shepherded TV offering going into development? Will you watch if First Responders makes it to your television screen? Give your verdict in the comments.

(Via Variety)