Joey Greco Is Back To Expose Netflix ‘Cheaterz’ Who Binge Without Their Partners

Netflix infidelity: it’s a serious problem in these weird, modern times we’re living in. According to a recent study, the streaming service reports that a whopping 46 percent of subscribers “cheat” on their partners by watching shows without them. (We’re looking at you, Larry.) Thankfully, one man is here to do something about this societal scourge, and that man is none other than Joey Fucking Greco with a special episode of “Netflix Cheaterz,” a parody designed to catch these cheaters right in their dirty stinking tracks.

The subject of the episode is a man named Jayson, a pool cleaner from Burbank who has shared a Netflix password with his girlfriend Kaylee for four years. But things got “kinda weird” after the couple started watching Santa Clarita Diet together, and now Jayson thinks Kaylee is getting her “Net-Fix” somewhere else — because it wouldn’t be a true Cheaters parody without puns aplenty.

“Cheaterz” intelligence has Kaylee followed to catch her in the act, before presenting the findings to Jayson so they can stage the dramatic “confrontation” in a hotel room where she has managed to get five whole episodes ahead. And of course, in true attention to detail Joey even gets stabbed in the end! The whole thing is so well done it almost makes you wish Netflix would bring back Cheaters next in its endless parade of remakes and revivals.