Netflix Is Going Global: What Expansion Means For The Future Of Binge-Watching

Entertainment Editor
01.08.16 6 Comments

Finally, the phrase, “Netflix and chill” will sweep across the lips of the citizens of earth like a gentle breeze and the promise of love. It will transcend all boundaries with nothing more than arbitrary and imaginary lines that keep us, the people, from being one. Now, we will be able to binge watch together. All of us. The whole world. Netflix is going global.

What does this mean for your weekend? What does this mean for TV-watching as a whole? It essentially means that a new network has risen up. No longer will we be pleasantly surprised at the quality of original shows emerging from Netflix’s development division. No, for the first time in years, a player on the block has a big ‘ol bat to swing, which means the competition is going to be stepped up.

No more resting on your laurels (what’s a laurel?), network and cable TV channels that are producing mediocre programming – Netflix is here and it is legion. That means more subscribers, more money and more cool sh*t. Happy about Wet Hot and W/ Bob and David? Good. That was just the beginning. Imagine what Daredevil, Narcos and other fantastic shows will get even better with a larger viewer base?

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