The Devil Is Now Trying To Be God In Netflix’s ‘Lucifer’ Season 5B Trailer

Netflix got clever a few weeks ago while comparing the Big Stuck Boat in the Suez Canal to Lucifer‘s chronic will-they-or-won’t-they vibe. In the process, they ended up letting the show’s Season 5B release date (May 28) fly, and now, there’s a trailer that reveals that the Devil is still up to no good. Even worse, Lucifer is still plagued by his twin brother, Michael, who’s trying to take his place, and Lucifer also decides that he wants to be God? Alright.

Well, God’s apparently retiring, so there’s an opening for that gig. Heaven help us all if this show ever starts to make sense (and Tom Ellis has so much swaggering fun with his lead role), but Netflix’s synopsis promises that “God himself comes to Earth. Secrets will be revealed, heroic sacrifices will be made, and the world will never be the same.” Also, it sure looks like the show’s suggesting that Lucifer will break Chloe’s heart, even though she forgave him after learning that she was crafted as a miracle intended for him. My goodness, Chloe, this is an occasion to move on from this cad.

Fans will recall that Chloe was able to gain Lucifer’s mojo ability (and could use it on him) during the early part of Season 5, and Season 6 will be the show’s final run next year, so it’s really time for Netflix to decide what to do with these two. This is one of those shows where the comic-book origins of this version of Lucifer Morningstar aren’t necessary to enjoy the series, although I would surely suggest diving into those origins — Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman (with an assist from Sam Kieth and Mike Dringenberg) — if you feel the urge. Otherwise, get ready for more silly-sexiness next month.

Lucifer returns to earth on May 28.