Netflix’s ‘Obliterated’ Spent So Much Money On A Prosthetic Dong

Cobra Kai‘s final season is in the works, but if you simply cannot get enough of what creators Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg, and Josh Heald have to offer, you might be able to find a fix with their new Netflix show, Obliterated. This is a very different type of action series and takes place in Las Vegas with terrorists and a nuke involved along with a drunken special forces unit, who discover that they shouldn’t have begun to celebrate before confirming that they deactivated the real nuke. And speaking of units…

This series is a decidedly more adult effort that screws to the R-rated side, and apparently, producers decided that The Boys and Gen V shouldn’t have all the prosthetic dong fun onscreen. As Hurwitz revealed to Collider, C. Thomas Howell, who is actually looking a bit like William H. Macy in the above still, wore an enormous dong that swallowed a decent chunk of the budget:

“C. Thomas Howell, who you get to see quite a bit of in the first episode of the show, it’s the morning of, he’s supposed to be filming that day, and we had spent $10,000 on a prosthetic for him to wear in his nether regions. He calls me that morning and he’s like, ‘You know what? If I’m going for it, I should just go for it, right? I want to go for it. I don’t need the prosthetic. I’ll go all in.’ I was like, ‘That’s great news. This is amazing. Ponyboy is gonna go full frontal on our show? Okay, here we go!’”

Well, this series was forecast by Netflix to be like “[i]f 24 and The Hangover hooked up and had a baby.” So, perhaps the investment was worth it, but the audience will decide soon enough.

Obliterated streams on November 30.

(Via Collider)