Netflix Is Launching A New Website That Highlights Its Weekly Top Ten Films And Shows

After years of keeping their metrics under wraps, only divulging their most-watched shows when true pop culture phenomena (such as Squid Game) occur, Netflix is finally coming clean with their analytics. Earlier today, the streaming service took to Twitter to announce they are creating a website entirely dedicated to listing their weekly top ten films and television shows. The website,, will allow visitors access to the service’s global top ten lists, as well as various filtered lists based on language and country.

This site comes as quite the surprising following reports earlier this year that Netflix was shifting away from its longtime two-minute viewing time metric in favor of ranking shows by total number of hours viewed. Considering the streamer has always been a bit secretive with their numbers and was undergoing that aforementioned shift, folks weren’t necessarily anticipating this new feature. However, it comes as a welcome change for both curious subscribers and most assuredly advertisers.

Netflix’s Weekly Top Ten is scheduled to refresh every Tuesday, but will keep a record of previous weeks as well. As of right now, users can track metrics as far back as the week of June 28, 2021, though Netflix has not revealed if earlier data will be lost as new weeks are created.

In addition to merely listing the top ten, the site will also keep track of how many weeks a title has been on the top ten as well as the total number of hours the title has been viewed. Right now, Netflix’s original film Red Notice holds the global, English movie record with nearly 149 million hours viewed. Narcos: Mexico: Season 3 holds the title for most-watched English series this week, with just over 50 million hours watched. According to Netflix (via The Wrap), the company will also give proper credit to hours rewatched, meaning more shaming Netflix users for watching far too many hours of The Christmas Prince is surely coming soon.