A New ‘Rick And Morty’ Season 5 Trailer Features The Beastie Boys And A ‘Horny Ocean Man’

Rick And Morty will return next month with its fifth season, and the latest trailer for the Dan Harmon-led project expands on what we know about the season ahead to the tune of some 90s hip-hop. The usual stakes are there in the minute-long trailer, with danger and shooting and lots of sci-fi weirdness for the Sanchez family.

“Someone out there is trying to kill us,” Summer says as a montage shows portal jumping and police turkeys loading their weapons.

“Someone’s always trying to kill us,” Rick replies as the Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage” gears up.

The trailer alludes to other bits of plot we’ve seen from earlier trailers, including some kind of mech parody called Team Voltron and an ocean-themed arch nemesis for Rick that we haven’t previously met.

“Police,” Jerry says, holding a phone. “A strange horny ocean man is on my lawn.”

A bunch of little moments make it clear Season 5 will be more of the same. Rick shoots a gun of his own face. In another moment, a LEGO-looking Rick driving a car in the desert takes off the top of his head to reveal a different kind of gun. And the genre-bending self-referencing is back and as biting as ever.

“It’s OK, Morty. It’s what you do,” Rick says as Morty apologizes for some kind of mess. “Now let me deus ex machina this sh*t and let’s go home.”

Season 5 of Rick And Morty hits Adult Swim on June 20.