A Brand New Netflix Series Came Close To Approaching ‘Wednesday’ And ‘Dahmer’ For A Netflix Debut Record

Over the past year or so, Netflix took a breather from swiftly greenlighting show renewals, but sometimes, a series hits so fast and hard that the streamer doesn’t hesitate at all. This was the case for the Gabriel Basso-starring spy series, The Night Agent, which Netflix renewed after only one week after the show began streaming. The series bases itself upon the bestselling Matthew Quirk book, and it seems that Netflix has found its own Jack Ryan. And it doesn’t hurt that there’s some romance involved in the story, either.

The show is a hit, to put things mildly. As Deadline reports, The Night Agent racked up over 160 million streaming hours within a few days of release. That’s a third-place debut after Wednesday and Dahmer, and even more impressively, the show is expected to be a Top Fiver (within its first month) on the all-time list of Netflix’s English-speaking shows. The show only grew more popular in its second week due to word of mouth, and before much longer, it should go Top 10 of all time on Netflix:

Since its release, The Night Agent has tallied 385M viewing hours, making it about 120M away from hitting the all-time TV list. Currently the 10th spot is taken by Ginny & Georgia Season 2 with just over half a billion viewing hours.

That’s not too shabby for a series that felt like it landed out of nowhere and without A-list stars. It’s simply a good, old-fashioned bingeable series, and its viewers can already look forward to more.

(Via Deadline)