What’s Popular On Streaming Now

Every single week, our TV and film experts will list the most important ten streaming selections for you to pop into your queues. We’re not strictly operating upon reviews or accrued streaming clicks (although yes, we’ve scoured the streaming site charts) but, instead, upon those selections that are really worth noticing amid the churning sea of content. There’s a lot out there, after all, and your time is valuable.

10: TIE. Swarm (Amazon Prime series)

This show would probably still be closer to the top of the list, had it released on a weekly basis rather than the entire season at once. That’s both a good and a bad thing, ultimately, because people binged the full season hard. Donald Glover has another buzzed-about show on his hands, and the timing is right, given that Atlanta recently ended on FX. With Swarm, Billie Eilish has also now begun her acting career, and yet another Culkin brother is making headlines for salacious scenes, so thank goodness for the golden age of TV.

10: TIE. Murder Mystery 2 (Netflix film)

You know the drill here. Adam Sandler keeps cranking out the Netflix movies, and everyone appears to acknowledge that these are not lofty fare, and that’s alright. Yet people keep tuning in because everyone loves The Sandman. It’s not rocket science to understand why even when Sandler misses, he cannot miss. In addition, Jennifer Aniston is back for another round of the movie franchise that tells you exactly what it’s about, and you can’t be mad at that one. After all, we don’t have to take everything seriously.

9. The Mandalorian (Disney+ series)

Baby Yoda/Grogu is taking a breather this week from dominating the airwaves, but never put Baby in the corner. Likewise, Pedro Pascal has already pulled off lead roles in two juggernauts this year, so expect this show to come roaring back in social media discussions before season’s end. After all, out of all the Star Wars and Marvel Studio shows so far, this one has consistently gathered the most streaming volume and accolades at the same time. No small feat.

8. Rabbit Hole (Paramount+ series)

Kiefer Sutherland is back on TV like he never left in what may become a Dad Show, which translates into long-term big numbers. The fledgling Paramount+ streaming service is steadily building up a library of non-Yellowstone/Taylor Sheridan content (either existing or in the works), and that means that the 24 audience will be along for the ride. Thank goodness that Kiefer has moved on from tackling Christmas trees because that kind of action really hurts.

7. Power Book II: Ghost (Starz series)

Not to be outdone by the aforementioned TV king’s (Taylor Sheridan) vast assembling of many Paramount shows, 50 Cent’s own cinematic universe continues while moving past the original Power to add even more drama. That includes an accidental killing and a car accident, all with Tariq St. Patrick attempting to mop up life and leave the game. However, he will soon end up back in business, which will complete his plans to regain trust and his family. Betrayal and a R.I.C.O. investigation will do that, unfortunately.

6. Ted Lasso (Apple TV+ series)

Positivity is back on TV, y’all, and with all of the grittiness and darkness elsewhere, it’s a damn fine thing to relax and enjoy an impossibly chipper protagonist. This will almost certainly be the final season of this hit series, and from there, perhaps we’ll see a spinoff? One can only hope, but if you’re bummed that AFC Richmond will soon take a bow, rest assured that certain members of the cast are quite torn up about it, too.

5. John Wick (Summit Entertainment film streaming on Peacock)

If you haven’t seen the fourth installment yet of this Keanu Reeves-starring masterpiece of a franchise, you should probably get there before someone spoils you. And trust us, there’s a massive spoiler to the end of the quartet, as it were. A fifth film could be on the way, but before you consider that possibility, you might want to refresh yourself on what made John Wick so angry in the first place. Of course, you remember that it’s his dog. Yet you’ll want to revisit the fury (and be mad at Alfie Allen for what his character did), and then rewatch the second movie for the hall of mirrors scene and more. Last but not least, enjoy the busting glass boxes of John Wick: Chapter III. Alright, you’re ready for the fourth one now. Godspeed.

4. Yellowjackets (Showtime series streaming on Paramount+)

This show goes back to the woods while embracing darkness, and get ready because things get gory pretty damn fast this year. Shauna, Jackie, Misty, and Taissa are all back and as troubling (and in some cases, troubled) as ever, and “Antler Queen” Lottie has already made her presence known again. Additionally, this week (SPOILER ALERT) hits a musical high note for the second season thus far, but be prepared to lose your appetite.

3. Creed III (MGM film on Amazon Prime)

Michael B. Jordan steps up to direct the ninth movie of the Rocky franchise and comes out swinging even without Sylvester Stallone on board. This installment can be viewed as running parallel to Rocky III with some Rocky V in the mix. Jonathan Majors is a new face for these films, but his character is a blast from the past for Adonis Creed, and of course, there’s a lot of money riding on this rivalry. So much for retirement, Adonis! Tessa Thompson also returns as Adonis’ wife (thank goodness), and this movie isn’t a groundbreaker for the franchise, but it does set up Jordan’s future as a director.

2. The Night Agent (Netflix series)

In this day and age, Netflix is much more hesitant to grant speedy show renewals, so it says a lot that this brand spanking-new series received a greenlight for more, one week after debuting. The show’s based upon the bestselling Matthew Quirk book, and clearly, the streaming audience cannot get enough of spy thrillers, especially if there’s some romance involved. Leading man Gabriel Basso will be back for the second season after that fateful phone call set this whole ride in motion.

1. Succession (HBO series streaming on HBO Max)

The Roy kids are making a bold move, as this show’s final season premiere proved. As well, a pairing came to an end while a disgusting one took its place. We’re all going to miss this f*cked up family in a few months, so let’s embrace the dynamics while they’re still freshly available to us. And when there’s a spare moment, Cousin Greg and Gerri can hopefully launch their own company together and take over the world.