Nikki Glaser And Katie Nolan Get Serious To Talk About Rape On College Campuses

Kate Nolan has invited the likes of Plaxico Burress, Terry Crews, and Bill Simmons to her excellent Fox Sports 1 show, Garbage Time, so it’s about time someone repaid the favor. Nolan dropped by Tuesday’s episode of Not Safe with Nikki Glaser for an important discussion about sexual assault on college campuses. She and Glaser waste no time in getting to the serious stuff: Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston. Okay, they waste a little time. Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston, then this jaw-dropping statistic: 54.3% of male college athletes admitted to using “sexual coercion.” As Nolan notes, “That’s the exact same percentage of people who want to punch Donald Trump in the face.”

The clip above follows Brenda Tracy. In 1998, the Oregon State University student was gang-raped by four football players. She didn’t press charges. Why? That’s what Glaser wanted to find out. Tracy alerted the police, and all four men were arrested, but “when the story went public,” Tracy said, “because two of the men were football players at Oregon State University, it was in the media, it was in the newspapers, and the backlash started.” Her best friend said she would testify against Tracy in court, because “she chose to protect her boyfriend and his brother,” and she was getting death threats. Meanwhile, the OSU players received only one-game suspensions.

“Us being so uptight about sex does have an effect on rape survivors and it makes it harder to talk about what happened,” Glaser told the Huffington Post, especially when women who talk about sex are “branded as sluts.” The Not Safe segment is hard to watch, but it’s a must see.

(Via the Huffington Post)