Norm Macdonald Forces Conan To Lose It Mid-Interview With Another Classic Appearance

Whenever Norm Macdonald drops by Conan, you’re guaranteed a memorable late-night interview. Unlike other shows, Macdonald seems to cut loose and get a little weirder when sitting opposite Conan. There’s his “legendary Moth joke” from a few years back and his classic hijacking of Courtney Thorne-Smith’s interview about her movie with Carrot Top. If you don’t always think of that movie as Chairman Of The Bored by this point, you haven’t lived. Screw climbing mountains, watch that old internet clip on repeat.

Tonight is another one to add to his list because he essentially pulls something similar to his bit at The Roast of Bob Saget, digging into some old-timey humor while discussing his new book, Based on a True Story: A Memoir. It then goes to take a turn toward some modern humor by Norm’s standards and Conan goes ahead and loses it. It might not be at the level of The Moth, but it’s pretty damn good. He baits you for a good 7 minutes and then finally hits with the funniest thing you’ll hear all night.

It continues into the second segment with Norm hitting on his meeting with Donald Trump during the candidates infamous Tonight Show appearance, mixed in with his Johnny Carson impression. He also tells a meandering joke about being back home, pushing his segment to its limits and forcing Conan to smash Norm’s book against the desk. Very fine all around.

(Via Team Coco)