Norm Macdonald Comes To Jimmy Fallon’s Defense Over The Trump Interview

Professional late night yukmeister/celebrity camp counselor Jimmy Fallon faced some intense backlash over his Tonight Show chat with Donald Trump. The tousle seen around the world incited rage from a public that was used to the hard-hitting interview style that the “Idiot Boyfriend” tunesmith is apparently world-famous for. The interview is still generating snarls, but Norm Macdonald thinks you should cut his fellow SNL alum some slack.

Macdonald, who is currently on a media blitz for his new book Based on a True Story: A Memoir, chatted with Vulture about his new literary effort, comedy trends and what it was like to be on the infamous Trump/Fallon episode. It’s all very interesting and worthy of your time cuz Norm, but let’s get to Macdonald’s take on the Trump interview.

Vulture: What’d you think of people criticizing Fallon for being too easy on Trump?

Norm Macdonald: It was absurd. Being hard on people is not what Fallon does. We’ve come to this crazy idea that entertainers should be political experts. Jimmy just likes to laugh and have fun and not hurt anyone’s feelings. He’s a real sweet kid. But mostly, what do you expect from Jimmy Fallon? You have to stick with what you’re best at.

Macdonald also shared his experience bumping into Donald Trump at the taping. (Sadly, Trump did not have Macdonald sign a collector’s edition DVD of Screwed.)

Well, what happened was, after the show, he came out and was just standing there. So I said, “Mr. Trump, a picture?” And he said, “You betcha. Just give me a minute.” Then he turns and walks down the hall, all the way to the other end, and gets on the elevator. “Just give me a minute,” and then he leaves the building. It was hilarious, like a Buster Keaton movie or something.

If historians are keeping track, this might be the only time in recorded history that Donald Trump and Buster Keaton have been comparison adjacent. You’ll want to give the full interview a read. Some absolutely fascinating stuff all up in there and this isn’t your weekend with the kids anyhow so hop to it.

(Via Vulture)