Watch President Obama Eat A Salmon Covered In Bear Slobber With Bear Grylls

There seems to be no end to the indignities that public figures will suffer at the hands of Bear Grylls. The second season of Running Wild follows in Bear’s grand tradition of making celebrities “rough it” by eating disgusting things. Not too long ago, Bear coaxed Michelle Rodriguez into eating a mouse boiled in her own urine. This followed a close second of Bear convincing Channing Tatum to feast upon a colony of ants. What next?

Bear’s next episode, which airs on September 14, will feature President Obama. These two guys have already promoted the episode by taking a marvelous selfie together. Now we’re seeing the first clip, which happens to feature Obama having another encounter with a salmon. Just last week, Obama met a super friendly salmon who spawned all over his shoes. This time, he has to eat the salmon, which doesn’t sound so bad on face value.

Obama knows the drill. While Bear goes foraging for culinary delights, Obama says Bear doesn’t offer a made-to-order dining service: “I’ve seen some of the things Bear eats, and it’s gotta be something that doesn’t still have its legs and eyes on it. I want it not to be… too recognizable.” Obama’s wish is granted, but there’s a catch. Bear reveals a pink Alaskan salmon — which has been half-eaten by a bear — that he found in a riverbank. Bear cooks up the slobber-covered fish and hands it over to our commander-in-chief, who determines that Bear is only “a mediocre cook,” but it could be worse. Oh, it can always be worse.

What a good sport. Who else would eat a fish that’s been rejected by a bear? Let’s hope the Secret Service secretly planted that thing in a bush.

(Via Today on YouTube)