Patrick Stewart Gets His Own Porn Parody In The ‘Blunt Talk’ Season Two Trailer

Whether he’s romancing his audience in a cowboy hat or dressing in drag, Patrick Stewart is simply the best. Yet the British actor best known as Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s Captain Jean-Luc Picard turned heads last year when he joined Seth MacFarlane’s Blunt Talk, a satirical comedy about the cable news industry. The first season managed decent ratings and reviews, but left many wondering whether the Shakespearean dramatist’s ability to do comedy was good enough for more. This October, Blunt Talk‘s second season hopes to quell these concerns with more of Walter Blunt’s outrageous behavior.

And by “outrageous,” I mean practically every bit of footage available in the 30-second teaser above. Things like:

  • Colleagues groping one another in the office.
  • A producer beating the crap out of an interviewee.
  • What looks like a rather ornate orgy.
  • Lots of spanking.
  • A porn parody.

Yes, that’s right. Stewart’s Blunt will be getting his very own porn parody in the second season of Blunt Talk. And yes, just like every other pornographic adaptation of the most popular television shows and movies that actually exist, its title is horribly wonderful.

Then again, as Jacki Weaver’s Rosalie Winter tells Blunt at the end of the teaser, “The actor who portrayed you is very well hung.” A final bit of trivia that, no surprise, Blunt doesn’t seem to mind.

(Via TVLine)

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