Glenn Howerton And Patton Oswalt Are Going Back To School For A Seth Meyers Shepherded NBC Comedy

Have you been scribbling scenarios involving Dennis Reynolds and Bob Sweeney in your It’s Always Sunny + Justified FX erotic fan-fiction? If so, kudos on owning your artistic vision, plus we have news on the closest thing to that you’re going to find. (Which is still not that close.) It’s a new NBC comedy project with some impressive comedy star power behind-the-scenes too.

TV Line reports that Howerton will be playing a cynical, smacked down by life Ivy League professor that finds himself working as a high school biology teacher in this classroom comedy pilot. Oswalt will play a timid principal that will have to deal with what Howerton’s character brings to the table as an educator. Based on the description of the two faculty members, Oswalt’s principal going to have a challenging semester ahead of him.

Written by SNL alum and trusted ‘7 Minutes In Heaven’ smoocher Mike O’Brien and shepherded to television in alliance with Seth Meyers and Lorne Michaels, this appears to be tailor made for a specific breed of comedy dork. Namely, because there’s a lot to trust about the bulk of those names. (Lorne has burned us before is what I’m getting at.) If the project graduates beyond the pilot stage it could be an NBC comedy the matches the acclaim attached to the network’s previous cult hits with the more robust ratings the network craves.

Of course, there’s still a legend that’s crafted if this project doesn’t make it past the pilot stage. There’s always room in halted TV lore for another legend of an unloved pilot from some incredibly talented people. Ideally, this won’t be one of those footnotes.

(Via TV Line)