Paul Bettany Is Headed To Television To Be Discovery’s ‘Unabomber’

It took law enforcement years to capture domestic terrorist Ted Kaczynski. Discovery didn’t need nearly as long to find their small screen equivalent.

The Shark Week partystarters snapped up the Kevin Spacey shepherded scripted series Manifesto earlier this year and it’s since been revealed that A Beautiful Mind actor Paul Bettany is hopping aboard to play the Unabomber. Bettany has a bit of TV experience under his belt, but this is new territory in terms of anchoring high-profile television fare. He has the chops to pull it off, so now our attention turns to whether or not he will need some sort of beard prosthetic or if that’s a look he can grow.

Earmarked to arrive in 2017, Variety reports the show will follow “FBI profiler Jim “Fitz” Fitzgerald and how he used old-school methods to track down the Unabomber.” Banshee producer/director Greg Yaitanes will serve as showrunner and direct the series. Will true crime still be a hot commodity by the time Manifesto makes it to air? As the field gets increasingly crowded with ripped from the headlines stories, the bubble may have already burst in terms of chic TV. It doesn’t matter, though. We’ll still be interested in seeing Bettany’s Kaczynski when it does arrive.

(Via Variety)