Andy Samberg Relives The Terror Of Being Surrounded By Reef Sharks For ‘Shark Week’ Footage

Good ol’ Shark Week. It’s the annual cable event that stirs up a lot of feelings in folks despite not having any sharks of the “Street” or “-nado” variety. When Andy Samberg agreed to host the finned Discovery hootenanny a number of years back, the feel Shark Week stirred up was fear. Y’know, cuz sharks.

Samberg engaged in a bit of chat about his Shark Week experience on last night’s go-around of Jimmy Kimmel Live. As a late night talk show host is wont to do, Kimmel asked Samberg about his unique gig. As the Lonely Island talent notes, it wasn’t always exactly a care-free environment.

“I jump in the water, I start reading the cue cards they have set up,” explained Samberg. “They’re like ‘we’ll have you go in there and do it for a little while and then we’ll chum the water and have the sharks come.’ And I was like ‘okay, great.’ So I do it for like five minutes or something and I’m like ‘okay, I think those are good, should we chum the water?’ And everyone on the deck is just like ‘uhh, yeah, let’s chum the water now.’ And I look around and they had been chumming it the entire time. There were sharks everywhere.”

It really is a funny and fascinating bit of insight into how the Shark Week sausage gets made. Come for the Shark Week stories, stay to learn why chainmail is such a popular fashion accessory.