Phoebe Waller-Bridge Signed A Deal With Amazon For A Ton Of Money

Things may not be great in the world these days, but one person who’s having it the opposite of bad? Phoebe Waller-Bridge. On Sunday she was the clear winner of the Emmys, taking home three for herself personally, and watching as two others nabbed wins as well: Jodie Comer for Killing Eve, whose first season Waller-Bridge wrote, and Harry Bradbeer for directing Fleabag, which she wrote and starred in. Oh, and she also did a punch-up on the next Bond movie. And the news keeps getting better: On Tuesday, Variety reported the British multi-hyphenate had signed an absurdly lucrative contract with Amazon.

The super-corporation was the American distributor of Fleabag, which follows the fourth wall-breaking misadventures of a deeply damaged single woman, and which was based on a one-woman stage show that you can watch in select theaters this week. As per the deal, Waller-Bridge will get to create and produce new content for Amazon, which they will distribute (read: stream) exclusively. (Killing Eve, meanwhile, airs on BBC America, which streams on Hulu.) Of course, we almost certainly won’t be getting any more Fleabag.

Maybe the best part? The deal is worth “about $20 million,” as per Variety. Not bad for someone who made her name with a theater piece that featured only her on stage as a character talking about her deep, deep problems in profoundly funny and wincing ways. Of course, let’s not forget that she stole the Han Solo spin-off movie, voicing the robot that may or may not be sleeping with Lando Calrissian. And she does monstrously charming interviews, too.

(Via Variety)