The ‘Poker Face’ Showrunners Have Begun To Tease Some Potential Season Two Guest Stars, Including One Oscar Nominee

Poker Face just wrapped up its wildly entertaining first season, and now that a second season is on deck, we can start to plan out some dream detective scenarios for season two. Maybe another popular investigator will want to reunite with his Among Us teammate in the near future? Or perhaps a certain handsome reporter will want to get in on the detecting action? There is so much potential here.

Showrunners and sisters Lilla and Nora Zuckerman recently spoke to Entertainment Weekly about what fans can expect from season two of the crime comedy, while also name-dropping some potential guests. Season one had a whole roster of beloved guest stars including Joseph Gordon-Levitt and newly Oscar-nominated actress Stephanie Hsu, the pressure is on for the sophomore season to live up to the hype.

“We would love to get Jamie Lee Curtis to play a role,” Lilla said. Curtis also starred in creator Rian Johnson’s Knives Out, so this could very easily happen. But they don’t want to stop at Jamie. Lilla added, “And the cast of Knives Out, we’re coming for you. The cast of Glass Onion, we’re coming for you.” Put Chris Evans back in a wool sweater, and you have a surefire hit.

Poker Face is produced by an all-star team of veteran comedians who could surely pop on for a guest spot, according to Nora. “Maya Rudolph is somebody we talked about because she’s one of the producers of our show and a partner of Natasha’s, so it’s only a matter of time before a van pulls up to Maya’s house and we grab her and throw her in a Poker Face episode,” she explained, adding that the community of Johnson’s collaborators is always expanding. “It’s just really wonderful that Rian already has this community of people that love working with him. It’s a very fortunate problem.”

Judging by the success of season one, it won’t be too hard to get some actors on board. Jennifer Coolidge might have some free time now. Just something to keep in mind.

You can catch the first season of Poker Face now streaming on Peacock.

(Via EW)