Tommy Egan Is Ready To Go To War Against Everyone In The ‘Power Book IV: Force’ Season 2 Official Trailer

In just a few weeks, Power Book IV: Force will return to STARZ for season two to showcase the latest dealings in Tommy Egan’s world. Now, with the newly-released official trailer for season two, we can see that Tommy Egan is more ready than ever to go to war in the Windy City. Whether it be the Flynn family or others, Tommy is tunnel-visioned in his goal to take down anyone who gets in his way. There are new power figures and enemies for Tommy in season two, and there also seems to be a new love interest in his life, a woman named Mireya.

Season two of Power Book IV: Force arrives a little over a year after the show’s inaugural season where we saw Tommy Egan — fresh off his escape from New York — stop and eventually settle in Chicago. It’s there that he discovered new members of his family as well as a corner in the city’s drug game that he could take over. To the surprise of no one, Tommy rubbed shoulders with an Italian organization in Chicago’s drug game and a battle ensued throughout season one. Through it all, Tommy lost people that were close to him, Liliana and Gloria specifically, and this only strengthened his desire to take over the Chicago drug game.

Here’s the official logline for season two below:

Nothing stands in Tommy Egan’s way this season as he makes his play at becoming the sole drug distributor in Chicago. Alliances form and competitors become targets as a turf war heats up and Tommy must race to stay one step ahead of everyone. Meanwhile, a federal task force is zeroed in on him and he has an eye on a special someone, forcing him to decide what he is willing to sacrifice to claim Chicago as his.

You can watch the official trailer for Power Book IV: Force season two above.

‘Power Book IV: Force’ season 1 is available to stream on STARZ. ‘Power Book IV: Force’ season 2 arrives on September 1.