‘Preacher’ Finally Gets The Fiery, Ball-Breaking Promo That Fans Demanded

05.08.16 3 years ago 6 Comments

AMC’s adaptation of Preacher has had comic fans on edge since it was announced. One of the most loved cult favorite comics around it seemed to be perhaps a bit too good to be true when it was announced that it was coming to television. How could such an edgy, mature comic book make the transition to the small screen without losing some of that fire and wit that made the comic such a fan favorite?

The promo materials for Preacher have both put fans at ease and also upset them, making the May 22nd premiere of the show that much more anticipated. Will Preacher be a lackluster adaptation of the comic, or will it be what fans have been hoping and praying for? This new Preacher promo finally shows fans what they’ve been wanting to see of the show; some balls.

If it turns out to actually be the best show of the summer remains to be seen, but the slow drip of news has a lot of people buzzing about it, making that May 22nd release date all the more painful to wait for. This trailer sure makes it look to be a crazy experience.

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