‘Pretty Little Liars’ Actress Lucy Hale Decides On An Intriguing CW Pilot For Her Next Big Project

Long-running teen soap Pretty Little Liars is finally ending its run in 2017 after many years of teenage girls being stalked and psychologically (and sometimes legitimately) tortured for audience enjoyment. Plus, teachers sleeping with students! Fun for the whole family. Post-PLL, many of the stars will be looking for a show in which they can be the sole lead and break out of the foursome of stars jockeying for attention in one show. While Ashley Benson has already had her chance with 2013’s Spring Breakers and Troian Bellisario has made it clear she wants to step away from acting to focus on other things for a time, Lucy Hale hasn’t had any major success outside of the teen drama despite a few attempts.

For her next (hopefully big) project, Hale has chosen a new CW pilot currently titled Life Sentence. The log line for the show is,

“a young women [is] diagnosed with terminal cancer who finds out that she’s not dying after all and has to learn to live with the choices she made when she decided to ‘live like she was dying.'”

At first glance, that sounds like a mix of the short-lived ABC Family show Chasing Life and the (about to be) short-lived CW series No Tomorrow. One of Hale’s first major television roles was on the short-lived CW series Privileged, so it’s a return to her roots of sorts. For the sake of her career viability over the next few years, hopefully Life Sentence breaks the streak that those other shows all share.

(via Variety)