Quinta Brunson’s Brad Pitt Shoutout Is Part Of A Time-Honored Tradition Of Flustered Awards Speeches

While accepting the Golden Globes award for Best Musical or Comedy Series, Abbott Elementary creator Quinta Brunson couldn’t help but give a shoutout to Brad Pitt after she spotted him in the audience. During her emotional speech, in which she thanked everyone who helped make the hit ABC series a success, Brunson became noticeably starstruck at the sight of Pitt and even co-star Janelle James was surprised that he was just sitting right there.

You can see the adorable and now-viral moment below:

And if Brunson is feeling a little embarrassed, she shouldn’t be. Celebs getting starstruck by other celebs is a Golden Globes tradition as evidenced by the videos below:

The Brad Pitt shoutout also exploded on Twitter as tons of people found the reaction very relatable. Who wouldn’t have reacted the same way?

As for Brunson’s speech, Pitt wasn’t her only shoutout. (Although, his shoutout may have been the most enthusiastic one.) Brunson also made it a point to thank Henry Winkler, Bob Odenkirk, and Seth Rogen. Via PEOPLE:

“I created this show because I love comedy. There are so many people in the room tonight who are the reason why I’m here today. Not to be corny, but Henry Winkler you’re one of the reasons I’m here today because of watching you. Bob Odenkirk I know you’re in your drama bed now but Mr. Show made me want to make television. Seth [Rogen], I know you’re probably high, but from the heart, everything that you’ve ever made made me want to make comedy. Comedy is so important to me. Comedy brings people together.”

Of course, at that point, Brunson spotted Pitt but she quickly pulled it together and brought her speech in for a landing.

“This is my cast and I love them,” she said after rebounding from seeing Pitt. “I don’t know where I’d be without them. We get to make this show for everyone. During a very tough time in this country, I’m happy that Abbott Elementary is able to make so many people laugh.”