Ramy Youssef Says He Almost Got Lindsay Lohan To Appear On ‘Ramy,’ But She Ghosted Him

Lindsay Lohan has been not-so-quietly attempting a comeback, releasing her first new music in fifteen years, doing talk show appearances, even saying she’d love to do a Mean Girls 2. One thing she won’t be doing is popping up on the hit Hulu series Ramy, but that’s only because she disappeared.

In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, the show’s star and co-creator Ramy Youssef talked about some of the surprising appearances in his forthcoming second season. One was porn star Mia Khalifa. Lohan was almost another.

“We had an idea that it wasn’t just her, but we were interested in this idea of people that you don’t really think are Muslim,” Youssef told EW. “We actually cast Lindsay Lohan, because Lindsay had this whole thing about converting to Islam. And so we had cast Lindsay and I talked to her and she was down, and then, you know, like Lindsay does, we just kind of stopped hearing from her. [Laughs] I was trying to get ahold of her and she was on the call sheet, and I guess she couldn’t make it. I don’t know, I never heard from her.

“You can’t try and put Lindsay in a box, that’s what I know,” he added. “Lindsay is going to be Lindsay.” But Youssef says there are no hard feelings. “She is one of my favorite Muslims.”

(Via EW)