A Reddit User ‘Got High,’ Started Thinking Too Much About A ‘Gen V’ Power, And Had A Valid (And Gross) Question

(Gross spoilers for Amazon’s Gen V will be found below.)

Gen V‘s preparing for what promises to be a head-splitting season finale, and there’s plenty of speculation of what type of cliffhanger we will witness. You gotta know there will be one of those, and hopefully, more about The Woods will come to light. As the audience prepares, however, people tend to have questions, and one Reddit user had a solid one about Lizze Broadway‘s fun-sized character, Emma, a.k.a. “Little Cricket.”

As we previously discussed in our season review, Emma’s power — the ability to shrink and grow in size by purging and binging — is one of many in this series that strongly relates to the more traumatic aspects of coming of age. Emma deals with this in the most graceful way possible, at least, as far as her clothing goes, but there’s certainly a hefty dose of self-loathing that goes along with this power vs. the pressures of college life.

Still, there’s a big question when it comes to Emma being big, and one Reddit user articulated what a lot of people are probably thinking. When Emma needs to shrink, does she have to do so mechanically, so to speak? And if that’s the case, does vomiting always suffice, or, you know, does it work with the other end, too? I will now let user “shhbaby_isok” take hold of this important discussion, especially with the second question:

Does Emmas powers work through the mechanical act of eating or purging, or by caloric intake/deficit? Say Emma refrained from eating, would she burn through her fat stores, or would she simply shrink?

Or is the act of purging necessary to make her shrink? What if she’s been giant size for a while and her stomach content has been metabolized. Is she stuck like that? or does poopin also count as purging?

There’s more at the source, of course, regarding whether or not calorie count of any particular food matters, and, if this “poop” ability was a real thing, whether Emma would, you know, fall into the toilet if she…. ? Never mind.

In the series, Emma does know that she has to maintain a certain calorie count or shrink beyond her control, so it makes more sense if these calories are considered to be in-and-out on a temporary basis rather than fully metabolized. If the latter was the case, she might keep growing and never be able to shrink again, soooo yeah. I’m gonna have to guess that vomiting is the only bodily function that matters when it comes to Emma’s powers.

It must be Supe science.

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(Via Reddit)