‘Rick And Morty’ Were Turned Into Babies In An April Fool’s Day Short

The Season 5 trailer for Rick and Morty finally arrived earlier in the week, but April Fool’s Day also brought fans a very juvenile short from the Sanchez family. Adult Swim posted the new clip on Thursday, which showed the cartoon’s characters in a much younger state than they usually explore the universe.

While the recent Animal Crossing mashup short put Rick and Morty into the Nintendo video game, this one actually de-aged the pair along with everyone else in the Rick and Morty universe. The beginning of the video is a recreation of part of the show’s opening credits, with a baby Rick diving into a portal cannonball-style.

There’s even a baby Summer and Mr. Poopy Butthole that make an appearance, but there’s also plenty of room for absolute weirdness in here. At one point, a baby Rick gives birth to what looks like an elderly Morty, a baby Morty tries to sneak into an R-rated movie to no avail, and we get a robot’s point of view as it changes baby Morty’s diaper.

Even the monsters chasing the crew from Rick and Morty Babies is pretty cute, relatively speaking. It’s unclear if the 30-second spot is a teaser of something that will come up in Season 5 or a brief departure from the main canon to just give fans a taste of a fun concept. But it’s now added to a growing list of fun shorts that have kept fans occupied while they wait for more of the real thing.