A ‘Rick And Morty’-Themed Pop-Up Bar Is Coming To Washington D.C. Next Week

Cartoon Network

While Dan Harmon and company have had plenty to say about Rick and Morty season four (and the rest of the 70 episodes Cartoon Network has ordered), like how the writing style will change, fans know next to nothing about when they’ll actually show up. But never fear, especially if you live in the Washington D.C. area, because our nation’s capital is about to get a Rick and Morty-style reprieve in the form of a themed pop-up bar.

According to Washingtonian magazine, the Wubba Lubba Dub PUB will regale patrons with Rick’s latest alcoholic inhibitions and Morty’s latest nervous breakdowns from August 9th to October 6th. Named for one of the former character’s more prominent catchphrases, the pop-up bar sounds equal parts amazing and nightmarish:

Costumed Ricks will enter into the family’s garage-turned-lab outfitted with an old washer and dryer plus shelves of scientific equipment. On the ceiling, you’ll find “real fake doors” and “plumbus” advertised on inter-dimensional cable (a cable box Rick invented to access TV shows in every dimension).

Seven-foot-tall Mr. Meeseeks—blue creatures that do anything you ask—stand behind the bar.

“I feel like every generation has their adult animated show,” says Angie Fetherston, CEO for Drink Company, which is putting on the installation. “There are The Simpsons people, the South Park people, the Family Guy people. This is ours.”

(Via Washingtonian)