HBO Max Has Scored Exclusive Rights To Stream ‘Rick And Morty’

Details about HBO Max — when it’s being released, what it will cost, what will be on there — are still pouring out from its investor day on Tuesday, and there are some big gets. All 23 seasons of South Park will be on there, as will not only Looney Tunes, courtesy content partners at WarnerMedia, but also the various shows of Hanna-Barbera. (That means it’ll be the home for Tom & Jerry, The Flintstones, The Jetsons and, of course, Partridge Family 2200 A.D.) Speaking of animation, as per /Film, they’ll be getting another titan: Rick and Morty.

The very adult Adult Swim Show, following the intergalactic and interdimensional misadventures of an alkie mad scientist and his ever-flustered grandson, only has 31 episodes thus far. (Its fourth season is set to begin on November 10.) But it’s already a sensation, its fanbase rabid, loud, and sometimes difficult to control.

To meet their insatiable demands, co-creator Justin Roiland has sworn there will be at least 70 more episodes, which is nearly twice what there are already after almost seven years in existence. How long will that take him, especially given the last episode aired over two years ago? Hopefully not, say, fourteen years. Roiland has sworn there won’t be huge gaps between seasons, and to prove it he showed a table full of Post-It Notes, each with a hopefully usable, suitably mind-blowing, and probably amusingly disgusting episode idea.

Anyway, whenever those episodes are done they’ll live on HBO Max, which, remember, will also include the deep, vast vaults of the WarnerMedia library, from DC(EU) films to Harry Potter movies to, presumably, the classics that once used to live on FilmStruck until it was nuked last fall.

The service, incidentally, will go live sometime in May of next year, and it will run $14.99 a month.

(Via /Film)