‘Rick And Morty’ Still Isn’t Back, But You Can Catch The ‘Rickmobile’ On A 40-City Tour

Rick and Morty‘s season three premiere on April Fool’s Day was not only a good “prank,” in that it wasn’t a prank, but a nice surprise. But it made me want the rest of the season as much as Rick wants Mulan sauce. If you’re also having a hard time waiting for creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon to announce when the show is returning, maybe this will help?

Adult Swim announced on Friday that Rick and Morty are hitting the road “in a one-of-a-kind mobile pop-up shop selling exclusive, custom-designed show collectibles,” according to the network. “Touring 40 cities until October, the #Rickmobile will also make special appearances at San Diego and New York Comic Con.” The tour kick off on May 11 in Atlanta, and lasts until October, at which point whichever poor bastard was picked to drive the Rickmobile will have gone insane after listening to “Human Music” the entire trip.

As for the Rickmobile itself, it looks exactly how you’d expect it to.

Considering his massive ego, it’s surprising Rick’s Space Cruiser isn’t modeled after his head. Where’s the drool? Imagine how much safer Summer would feel sitting in her grandmother’s noggin. You can find all the tour dates here.

(Via Adult Swim)