‘Rick And Morty’ Videos Include A Message That Seems To Needle Gossiping Viewers

08.01.17 2 years ago

Rick and Morty returned for season 3 (other than the April Fool’s Day surprise episode) last weekend with “Rickmancing The Stone,” a dark and Mad Max-themed story. At the end of the episode, besides the post-credits scene (below), they aired the promo above for the next episode, and it seems to contain a not-at-all subliminal message for any gossiping Gerdys reading way too much into things.

In next episode, Rick transforms himself into Pickle Rick and fights rats, while Morty at some point finds out his math teacher eats poop. The promo shows the conversation that ensues when Morty first learns Rick is a pickle now. He asks a lot of the questions we’d ask, and at the end of the clip Rick offers some advice the viewing audience could also heed.

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