Have Yourself A Relaxing Holiday Season With The ‘Rick And Morty’ Yule Log Video

This holiday season, don’t forget to take time to curl up in your favorite chair with a crackling piece of wood in the fireplace — and Baby Legs on the television.

Adult Swim has released “A Very Merry Rickmas Yule Log,” a looped 34-minute video of Rick and Morty taking a load off while watching some of their favorite shows and commercials from season one’s “Rixty Minutes” and season two’s “Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate,” including Ants in my Eyes Johnson, Gazorpazorpfield, and Jan Michael Vincent. It’s oddly relaxing, even with all the graphic violence.

Rick and Morty season five concluded earlier this year, but there won’t be a multi-year wait for new episodes, like in previous seasons. Season six will premiere at some point during 2022. “I keep saying, there’s gonna be so many more episodes,” Spencer Grammar (the voice of Summer) told Inverse. “They’re writing season six already and are probably going to start writing season seven soon.” Writer Alex Rubens echoed that work has already begun on season seven, tweeting, “Am I allowed to say we started writing Rick and Morty Season 7? (If not we didn’t and I’m not).”

Until then (whenever “then” is), you can watch the yule log video above.