Rick Astley Loved ‘Ted Lasso’ Using His Most Famous Song In An Emotional Way

Ted Lasso has certainly gotten people talking lately about its second season, with critics skeptical about the show’s change in direction. The social media backlash even inspired a response from showrunner Bill Lawrence. Despite that, the show has cleaned up in the awards lately, with 10 Emmy wins and a near-sweep of the comedy categories at last week’s awards.

One of those award-winners, Hannah Waddingham, has also gotten rave reviews in the show’s most recent episode. Fresh off the heels of a wild post-Emmys party for the cast, Waddingham stole the show in an episode that dropped on Friday, which featured her delivering a touching performance of a song that’s usually treated as a joke. Some mild spoilers ahead here, but what happened on Friday has gotten even Rick Astley raving about the show.

In a pivotal moment in “No Weddings And A Funeral,” Waddingham’s Rebecca sang Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” — not as a Rick-Roll gag but as a touching tribute at a funeral. The moment was widely praised. And as it turns out, Astley himself is among those who loved it.

“You did an amazing, incredible job. And it was so emotional and so incredible,” Astley said in a video he posted to Twitter on Saturday. “People have said that even they cried in the church scene. I don’t want to give too much away…”

Astley trailed off, looking a bit emotional before he said that he “didn’t cry.” But he praised Waddingham’s effort in the scene and the impact it had on him.

“Just amazing. Thank you very much for including that song in your beautiful show,” Astley said. “I’m blown away. Just fantastic.”

Waddingham was blown away by the video, but made sure to DM Astley instead of “fangirl in public” on Twitter.

Some members of the show were blown away by Astley’s response, too.

Astley said he didn’t cry watching it, but it’s clear that many did. And after all the weird ways Astley’s biggest hit has become changed by pop culture, this one certainly is for the better.