Robert Kirkman Says Season 4 Of ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Will Be A ‘Much Different Show’

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“We’ll want to tell these stories in a completely different way with completely different people in a completely different setting that’s going to make for a fundamentally different show,” Robert Kirkman said of the differences between Fear the Walking Dead and its parent series, The Walking Dead, back in March of 2015.

However, now that Fear the Walking Dead has established itself as a separate entity, Kirkman is ready to mix things up again. “I don’t want to spoil anything story-wise,” Kirkman tells Entertainment Weekly. “But we are changing things a great deal. It’s going to be a much different show.”

That’s could be a great thing or a not-so-great thing, depending on one’s feelings about the current iteration of Fear. While the series was slow out of the gate, creatively, it picked up steam in its third season. However, as Kirkman tells it, that was a precursor to the fourth season. “Having season 3 be a very fast-paced season that introduces a lot of new elements, it kind of shakes things up quite a bit and is a great appetizer to what we have planned for season 4, which is really going to ramp that up quite a bit.”

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