The ‘Robot Chicken: The Walking Dead’ Trailer Gives The Zombie Apocalypse A Comedy Edge It Sorely Needs

Just because you’re watching your friends and family being brutally tortured or turned into unspeakable ghouls doesn’t mean you’ve automatically got to transform into a gloomy brain-splattered Gus. Robot Chicken showed off its San Diego Comic-Con trailer for their upcoming The Walking Dead special and it’s every bit as silly as you might imagine. Zombies are silly to begin with (GET A JOB YOU UNDEAD HIPPIES) so it’s a natural fit.

The preview (which we have nestled above like the sweethearts we are) showcases a grab bag of Walking Dead goofs from the durable Adult Swim property. Dying to know the origin of Negan’s jaunty red scarf of death and taunting? Robot Chicken suggests he jacked the fashion accessory from Snoopy’s Red Baron. He’s a bit of a jerk, that Negan. Naturally, there’s room for your standard Talking Dead goof-n-spoof before the zippy twoish minute clip comes to a close.

The Walking Dead joins some semi-exclusive company (Star Wars, DC Comics) in getting singled out for a special episode. Considering that official announcement of the project was well over a year ago, you can be forgiven for blanking that this was in the works to begin with. A certified release date for Robot Chicken‘s Walking Dead away mission hasn’t been revealed just yet.