Rob Corddry And Adult Swim To Quench TV’s Hindenburg-Based Comedy Drought

Getty Image / Adult Swim

America’s lack of Hindenburg-based quarter-hour comedies on cable television has gone on for long enough and now Rob Corddry is stepping into the fray to GIVE THE PUBLIC WHAT THEY WANT!

Deadline reports that Adult Swim will once again pair up with the Childrens Hospital creator (as well as writers Josh Perilo and Jonathan Stern) for a new project titled The Hindenburg Explodes!. Details are relatively sparse at the moment, but the series will be set in 1937 and follow the exploits of the crew and passengers of the doomed airship’s final flight. This seems like as good a time as any to place a bet on which member of The State will scream a version of “OH THE HUMANITY!” because that seems like something that might happen on an Adult Swim live action historical comedy.

Adult Swim certainly has reason to want more of that sweet sweet Corddry action, even if it comes attached with some sorta-sensitive subject matter. Childrens Hospital managed to net two Emmys and an impressive four nominations in a four year span, courtesy of its unique brand of warped comedy that isn’t particularly worried about being something airable on PBS. If The Hindenburg Explodes! can attract an ensemble cast in the same league as Childrens Hospital, Adult Swim just might have found their new favorite time machine.

(Via Deadline)