Ranking Ron Swanson’s Most Emotional Moments On ‘Parks And Recreation’

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Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman) may have tried to keep people at arm’s length, but Parks and Recreation‘s resident grouch occasionally shows that the beating heart of a Swanson is still flesh, blood, and feelings. Sure, he preferred his meat with a side of more meat (and a bottle of scotch to chase it) and asserted his manliness by dominating the natural world, but Ron Swanson, at his core, is a big old softie.

Let’s take a look back at (and rank) Ron’s most emotional moments.


7. Standing Up To His Mother And Tammy 1

This may not be a typical Parks and Recreation tear-jerking moment, but it does show an emotional turning point for Ron. While having a thing for powerful women is a plus, Ron also had the unfortunate tendency to let them boss him around a little too much. At the beginning of season four, Leslie (Amy Poehler) had to step in and free the beleaguered Swanson from the control his first wife, Tammy 1 (Patricia Clarkson), and his meddlesome mother, also named Tammy (Paula Pell).

When Ron eventually finds his spine again and steps in to help Leslie chug a gigantic jug of moonshine to win his freedom, it feels like a real turning point for him. Letting go of toxic influences is no joke, especially when they’re scary women named Tammy.

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