Roseanne Barr Accidentally Got Her Mom High With A Huge Amount Of Medicinal Snacks

I once passed out at a Deltron 3030 concert in Los Angeles after I ate an extra strength marijuana chocolate bar along with an entire bag of BBQ marijuana pretzels, so now I have something to talk about when I inevitably get stuck in an elevator with Roseanne Barr’s mom.

Yes, overdosing on weed is damn near impossible, but the medical-grade edibles, when not taking them seriously, can be a major trip. I was a grown man, looking down the barrel of a bag of pretzels and a chocolate bar and I couldn’t handle it. Imagine how Roseanne’s mom felt after melting a chocolate bar over a medical cheesecake.

“She didn’t like the taste of the (medical) cheesecake… She took a bite and she didn’t like the taste of the cheesecake so she melted an entire candy bar of medical marijuana chocolate and ate that. She started getting all woozy and we had to rush her to the emergency room because she had taken 26 doses.”

Thankfully, Roseanne’s mom got an IV, had her blood pressure regulated, and made it out of the incident just fine. But let this be a lesson: treat marijuana treats with respect because they don’t respect you.

(Via TeamCoco)