The ‘Roseanne’ Revival Will Pretend The Series Finale Never Happened

As far as series finales goes, Roseanne‘s isn’t as definitive as Six Feet Under‘s, but it’s pretty close. In the closing moments of the show, Roseanne reveals that she’s been writing a book about her life, which is what we, the viewer, have been watching since Dan survived his heart attack. Except, he actually died. And the Conners never won the lottery; Mark/Darlene and David/Becky are the couples, not the other way around; and Jackie is gay, not Bev.

Roseanne could continue with the Healy brother swap for ABC’s upcoming eight-episode revival (it wouldn’t be any weirder than Second Becky playing Not-Becky), but according to TVLine, Dan is “very much alive.” Also, the new batch of episodes are “going to pretend the finale never happened.”

An insider says it’s probably safe to assume that pretty much “everything that went down” in the series finale will be ignored when the revival launches in Spring 2018. (Via)

While it would be interesting to see Dan haunting the Conner household in a Marley & Marley situation, it’s probably for the best that he’s alive. While we’re it, let’s pretend Roseanne never went on The Jerry Springer Show or beat up women-hating terrorists on a train, and Jackie never dated a prince from Moldavia played by Jim Varney. Season nine was really weird.

(Via TVLine)