Roseanne Barr Says She’ll Be The One Letting Us Know ‘When/If’ ‘Roseanne’ Gets Revived

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04.30.17 2 Comments


Don’t get your marble statues of the Conner Family out of the garage and into the den just yet. Roseanne Barr wants you to know that ‘when/if’ a Roseanne revival happens, she’ll be sure to let to you know about it.

On Friday, reports surfaced that a resurrection of the classic sitcom Roseanne was in the works. The show would have Barr, John Goodman, Sara Gilbert and Laurie Metcalf signed on to take the show into the Trump years in an eight-episode limited series format. On Twitter, Barr provided her thoughts on the chatter that the show is returning for another run.

“I will let you guys know when/if there is to be a reboot of Roseanne,” she tweeted.

That doesn’t quite sound like the wheels already being in motion status originally attached to the news, but don’t take that as Barr being against a revival. She’s game and believes the current political climate is rich for comedy.

“of course I want to do a reboot of Roseanne-new political reality in our country will make for some great jokes!” wrote Barr.

Oh, also she’s sorted out that problem with where the show left off.

“I’ve already written the scenes about Dan’s death-don’t send me me more suggestions, thnx!” notes Barr.

Back into the fan-fiction drawer they go.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)

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