The World’s Most Hardcore ‘Ted Lasso’ Conspiracy Theorists Are Now Convinced That Roy Kent Is Entirely CGI

A friend recently asked me to name a conspiracy theory that I 100 percent believe in. I struggled to give an answer at the time (I think I mumbled something about Arby’s standing for roast beef), but I know what I would say now: Roy Kent is a CGI character.

As spotted by Twitter user @guymrdth, the Ted Lasso subreddit includes a thread started last July with the headline, “Ok just started the show and… CGI??” The post reads, “I just started watching the pilot, and i’m up to the scene where roy is called into teds office. Am i crazy or does he look like a complete cgi character?”

Ted Lasso uses a lot of visual effects, more than you might realize (it helps that the show is bankrolled by a multi-billion dollar technology company), but I don’t think Roy Kent is one of them. Or so I thought before Reddit opened my eyes. Now I don’t know what to believe. If Apple can stealthily reveal its new iPhone in an episode, what’s to stop them from digitally inserting “Brett Goldstein” into the show? Maybe he’s not real, either!

Others on Reddit are already convinced (this does not seem like a bit).

“he 100% is CGI, i swear he glows off the screen and looks like a halo character in movement and speech”

“Omg I had the same thought”

“Echoing all of the previous comments. Thank you for confirming my sanity!”

“Here for the same reason. Thought it was my Apple TV settings”

“So glad this thread exists. Just started watching and I’m convinced Roy is CGI”

“Thank god for this thread. My husband doesn’t see it…I felt like I was going crazy. Every episode consists of me analyzing Roy and I can’t pay attention to anything else. His slow eye movements, blinks, and odd body movements have to be CGI! How are we the only ones seeing this?”

“My wife thought I was crazy until she googled it and found this thread. Roy is CGI AF”

I am now a Roy Kent CGI truther. It’s the only possible explanation for someone so handsome, funny, and talented.

UPDATE: The CGI Actor Known As Brett Goldstein has weighed in.