Of Course Showtime Wants Sacha Baron Cohen To Make A Second Season Of ‘Who Is America?’

Even without its Sarah Palin interview, Sacha Baron Cohen’s surprise Showtime series Who Is America? managed to cause quite the stir on television and in other media throughout the United States. Despite the latest from the mind behind similar programs and films like Da Ali G Show, Borat, and Brüno, however, it seemed the comedy series that left just as fast as it arrived wouldn’t be coming back for a second round. As Cohen himself declared in a tweet ahead of Sunday’s finale, “Tonight, is the last EVER show.” If Showtime gets their way, however, Who Is America? will return for a second season.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the premium cable network wants the British comic to return for another round:

The network insists no decision has been made on the show which pranked political figures into making embarrassing (and revealing) mistakes.

The network had previously told reporters at the Television Critics Association’s press tour last month that they were “dying to bring the show back” for a second round, despite its modest Nielsen ratings.

Though much like Da Ali G Show, Borat and Brüno, there’s now Who Is America? without Cohen and the many, many characters he brought to life to pull off his latest stunts. Writing, producing and filming a program like this is nothing like a Ryan Murphy anthology series, where stories and casts can be changed each season depending on what kind of narrative is going to be told. So if Who Is America? manages to do a second season for Showtime, it’ll happen because Cohen wants it to.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)