Sandra Oh Is A Marshmallow-Chomping Maniac In This Promo For Her ‘SNL’ Hosting Gig

Sandra Oh’s adoring fans are understandably excited that she’ll be hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend, but if the variety sketch program’s latest promo is any indication, she’s just as excited — if not moreso. In the short bit, a lab coat-wearing Beck Bennett tells the Killing Eve star and fellow SNL cast member Mikey Day that he will be testing their willpower with a simple game: eating a marshmallow (or not).

“Each of you will get one of these marshmallows. You can eat it at any time, but whoever last’s longer will get a second marshmallow,” he explains. Of course, before he’s had a chance to even finish saying the second “marshmallow,” Oh has already eaten hers. She also eats the second do-over one as soon as Bennett puts it on her plate. “I’m so sorry,” she exclaims. “I guess I just, um, I love marshmallows or something?” She does — so much, in fact, that she proceeds to take a third out of Bennett’s hand before consuming the rest of the plate.

Speaking of Killing Eve, the final trailer for the critically acclaimed BBA America series also dropped today. Judging by the previous promos for the new season, we already know that the stakes are quite high for Eve (Oh) and the assassin Villanelle (Jodie Comer), whom the former tried to kill at the end of the first season. Now the two are caught in yet another cat-and-mouse game, but it’s even worse than that! Villanelle is forced to wear [gasps] crocs. The horror!

Killing Eve season two premieres April 7th on BBC America. Oh’s episode of SNL airs this Saturday on NBC.