Eve Is Losing Her Mind Looking For Villanelle In The New ‘Killing Eve’ Season 2 Trailer

Happy International Women’s Day! To celebrate, let’s watch the trailer for a show that had one woman stab another woman in the stomach with a knife.

Killing Eve was one of the best shows of 2018, with record-breaking ratings and a Golden Globe win for Sandra Oh. Season two will be even darker and, if the new trailer above is any indication, equally obsessive. “Sometimes when you love someone, you will do crazy things,” Villanelle says about Eve, while Eve repays the (sort of) compliment by praising Villanelle for being “instinctive” and “flamboyant.” That’s one way of saying she has the best outfits on television.


But don’t take a photo of Villanelle, even if it’s for Instagram.

“You know, I’d say definitely for Eve’s character – her journey – it gets super dark,” Oh told Uproxx about season two. “I feel like she is pushed to the limit in her, not so much pursuit of Villanelle at this point, but her dynamic with Villanelle and her pursuit of her job. And she’s pushed to the limit, and then she goes over. She fell over.” (The Grey’s Anatomy star also gave a message to anyone who hasn’t started Killing Eve yet: “You’re not even going to know why you like it so much. You won’t even know why, but you are going to enjoy it.”)

Killing Eve, which premieres on both BBC America and AMC (to reach more cable viewers) this season, returns on April 7.

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