Netflix Officially Decides To Serve Up A Second Helping Of ‘Santa Clarita Diet’

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Drew Barrymore will enjoy that sweet, sweet human flesh on Netflix for another season. No, Poison Ivy‘s not getting a holiday spin-off. This is some pleasant Santa Clarita Diet renew blab!

Victor Fresco’s horror-comedy is returning for a second season of laughs and gasps with The Hammonds sorting out their bloody predicament. Seeing as Netflix likes to tease, confirmation of another go-around for the Barrymore/Olyphant splatstick offering was provided via a clip featuring human leftovers forming a “2.” It’s silly and sick and all that good stuff, if a little short on further detail. Season 2 is currently earmarked to arrive for 2018.

“I’d always tell Victor [Fresco], you know, we’d be shooting a scene that was pure dialogue. Just Drew, and me, and the kids. The neighbors. And I thought, ‘If we just shot these scenes only, we’d have a good show,” shared Timothy Olyphant in a February interview with Vanity Fair. “This is a good show. It’s really funny. His writing’s really good. . . And then we’re shooting scenes where [Drew] is coughing up a hairball because she’s eating a dead guy, and I thought, ‘You know, if we just shot these scenes, we’ve got ourselves a show. This is amazing.’ The combination of the two, to me, is what makes the whole thing.”

A second season of Santa Clarita Diet is definitely a good thing and one wonders what marketing strategies will come up after the debut season’s goofy and gory ideas. Whoever Germany hires will have their work cut out for them.

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