Sarah Paulson Is Following Her Awards-Studded Year With A Juicy Role In A Serial Killer Series

Sarah Paulson just had an incredible year professionally, winning basically every award she could for her stellar performance in American Crime Story: The People Vs. OJ Simpson. She even managed to offer Marcia Clark some red carpet redemption along the way, all while filming a few projects for her constant collaborator Ryan Murphy. Now, in her time off from practicing her Salt-N-Pepa raps, Paulson is moving on to her next big leading role — and the biggest shocker is that this show isn’t coming from Ryan Murphy’s pen or brain.

Paulson’s next gig has officially been announced as Amazon’s new serial killer series Lost Girls. According to Variety, the show is based on,

Robert Kolker’s 2013 nonfiction book about a mother searching for her missing daughter in Long Island and discovering the murdered bodies of four girls in 2010. Kolker’s book, published in 2014, details the world of online escorts and the search for a serial killer who is still at large.

While Paulson’s role hasn’t been officially confirmed, it would make equal sense for her to be the grieving mother just as much as it would for her to take on the role of someone involved in the seedier side of the story. Lost Girls does not currently have a premiere date, but if it’s more than a year from now Paulson’s 2018 will be amazing what with this leading role and her part in Ocean’s 8. She’s unstoppable!

(via Variety)